Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Rejection Makes You Stronger!

So I had my screenwriting seminar yesterday and during the class, our lecturer told us to sit in a circle and go around, each person saying what their idea for their 10 minute short film was. In smaller words, he wanted to hear our pitches.

First of all, I would just like to point out that our Monday screenwriting class is meant to be a SEMINAR, where we talk about things like scene, sequence etc. Our Tuesday screenwriting class is meant to be the WORKSHOP where we bring our ideas, discuss among ourselves and receive feedback - be it positive or negative.

So we got into this circle right, and we went around saying our ideas. Then it got to my turn. (Now I would also like to point out that 2 weeks before, I had taken this idea to the workshop class and my lecturer had said it was a good idea, BUT I would have to cut it back so that it incorporates the short film criteria. Fair enough). I said my idea and what happened...?


That's all I was hearing. It got to a point where I just wanted to curl up into an invincible ball. My class is a bunch of CYNICS! Who says that bad people always get away with things they've done wrong?? It's not always the case. The idea for my short film as far as I'm concerned is for those who have FAITH! (And don't go thinking, "Oh no, she's going religious")

Yes I am a religious person. I'm a Christian and damn proud of it!! And if I want to incorporate bits of my belief into my writing, then I will jolly well do so!

I must admit though, I did feel disheartened and I did start to panic because my mind was completely blank (apart from that idea obviously). I want to write this script before the new year because this is the one I'm most worried about, AND I've got other assignments that are due around the same time.

My motto for coursework/assignments is: "Do the hardest or most challenging ones first, then you can sort of relax with the more easier ones"

Anyway, after talking to my mum, I've realized that I'm NOT going to throw the idea out the window. I'm gonna keep it, and when it gets made into an award-winning short film or whatever, I'm gonna have the last laugh! ;-)

The good news is: I've come up with a new idea - thank God!

Signing off until next time....

kingdomCitizen x

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