Monday, 12 December 2011


*Does EXTREMELY happy dance*
If I had known that writing about my life's experiences would've been such a success, I would have done this idea first!

I always thought that writing about MY personal experiences was bordering on the verge of TOO personal, so I always shied away from it. Well not anymore!
Now I understand why I'm writing a novel about my life already - because other people have been through something similar.

You know something? Writing is REALLY good therapy! Here I was thinking that the only type of therapy for releasing/controlling anger was ironing. Boy was I wrong!

I don't think anyone could understand just how happy I am that my script was such a success.
Of course there were some ideas given from others, and if I'm being fair, majority of them WILL be incorporated in my final draft of the script. In fact, I've already started to make the amends!! :-)

So I can kinda relax now, because I know that my script will be over and done with before the end of 2011 (which was what I wanted to achieve).

Signing off until next time....

kingdomCitizen x

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