Monday, 12 March 2012

Its Been A While...

Okay, I know I started this blog as a mandatory thing for my screenwriting module but I figured I can still make use of it - right?

Anyway, it seems as though my brain is in belief that 2nd year has finished already - even though I've still got 2 months left
[Yes it's true - 2 MONTHS left, not a typo]

I've got 3 more stories to write, a synopsis AND a portfolio to create. All of this must be done by the first week of May. However it seems that my brain wants me to go on holiday NOW instead of after my final assignments are submitted!

Can someone answer me this - how is a writer/student on a writing course meant to write ANYTHING resembling a story if their brain DOESN'T WANT TO CO-OPERATE??!!


Guess its time for me to go on my knees in prayer to God, because I WILL kick ass with my final assignments, in Jesus' name


Until next time...
(and I promise it won't be another 2 months before I post again)

kingdomCitizen x

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