Monday, 16 January 2012

Blowing Hot and Cold

In today's final screenwriting seminar, I got the chance to have the 2nd draft of my script read through out loud.

To my ears (although what I'm about to say may sound biased in a way), it sounded like a perfectly reasonable short film
However, my lecturer pointed out that to him it sounded like a story for a long film instead.

The 1st draft I did was accepted with extremely good criticism, extra ideas and feedback. Today unfortunately I had the feeling that people were blowing hot one minute then cold the other (so to speak).
One minute the script idea is perfect, the next minute it's not!

I've decided not to let this get to me though. It's too late to start changing the idea - especially since its due on the 20/01/12 and I don't have any other ideas.
The only thing I will change as suggested by one of my peers today is the title, frankly because I don't want to sound like I'm some cold-hearted bitch to the audience.

Signing off until next time...

kingdomCitizen x

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