Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Frustrated is an understatement!!

Hi folks.

I know it's been longer than a while since I posted so I thought I would come and vent a little.

Since handing in my dissertation at the beginning of May, I've been applying for jobs non stop but do you want to know the frustrating part? When I constantly get rejections stating:

"Thank you for your application however at this time you haven't been successful because there are other candidates who have more/better experience than you"

Whenever you receive emails or letters like this, you start to think about giving up on the whole job search thing - right?! Well I've had tons of people around me telling me not to give up on my job search because there is a job out there for me.

What most of these companies don't realise (but will in the near future) is that they missed a great opportunity to hire a hard working, highly organised, bubbly personality and enthusiastic team player/worker to work for them because this girl right here is GOING PLACES!!

Signing off until next time...

kingdomCitizen xo

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